Awakened Voices News
Awakened Voices completes laucnh of new feature of the magazine!

We now publish longer forms of writing in editions or episodes over the course of a year. These longer bits of a story building on itself over the course of a year to give our readers even more to engage with and will give us an enjoyable episodic way to publish writers who have more to offer than we typically accept and publish in this magazine.

We have kicked this off with Founder Jean Cozier’s biography and memoir.

We are excited to announce our next serialization that will start in November 2018!

The final episode of Dear Judith is out!

Introduction from Our Author Jean Cozier

“When I was asked by the Awakenings staff to re-edit and serialize this book, my first thought was, oh gosh, everyone who wants to read about Judith has had their chance.  Why open up old wounds and go through all that grief and mourning once again?  It’s been over fourteen years since I hit “Save” and finished my book, “Dear Judith:  A Portrait of Survival.”  In the intervening years, I’ve worked with hundreds of artists and sexual abuse survivors like Judith, written another book, moved, sold a business, and oh yes, founded The Awakenings Foundation.  The only thing I haven’t done is stopped writing to Judith.  I just don’t do it as often.

And yet, what better time could there be to hear Judith’s voice again.  A woman who battled sexual abuse, harassment, financial insecurity, relationship difficulties – so  #Judithtoo, and we need her more than ever!  A survivor who shared her stories with her cousin, who is still here, still writing and healing, and more determined than ever that Judith’s story, along with all the other stories, gets heard.

I hope you all enjoy the chance to get to know Judith.”